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Whether your company wants to work smarter, faster or more productive, Konfidi’s Trip’Ex products are the right answer to your needs




Trip'Ex Glue

Ultimate Precision

Konfidi sets the new standard for gluing stones on dedicated holders

No more hassle with manual setting of stones! Trip’Ex glue contains a semi-automatic gluing process that levels and positions the diamond precisely on your holder, ensuring a smooth processing under any laser!


Trip'Ex Green

Faster than light

Quality never comes cheap, except when Trip’Ex is the brand!

Not only are the looks of this laser machine great, the cutting surface is even better. With cutting times and weigh loss that are competitive in the diamond manufacturing industry, the Trip’Ex Green sets the standard in a robust, reliable and easy to use machine.


Trip'Ex Program

Optimized production

A must have for a smarter factory

The Trip'Ex Program is a semi-automatic machine which contains 8 axis for levelling, gluing and programming rough stones on a holder before they are processed on a Trip'Ex Green laser machine.

Triple Excellent

Triple Excellent...

...our topnotch service

Peace of mind

As no other company, we understand the pressure on your production site. Our peace of mind service policy is the only right solution in your search for reliable, fast and Trip’Ex service!


In the picture

Happy 2021

Happy 2021

Friday, 01/08/2021

Konfidi wishes all of you a prosperous 2021.
We hope you are as thrilled as us towards 2021, because exciting times are coming!

Konfidi in 2021 means:
- Strengthening our squad by hiring a few talented people
- Launching new projects with first access for our customers
- Reaching out to all companies with our Quazer upgrade

We can’t wait... we’ll keep you posted!
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Let Konfidi solve your problem

Quazer II End of Life announcement

Monday, 09/14/2020

Looking for a solution for the service of you Quazer II when the Sarine support comes to an end?

No need to search any longer as we can still service them!

At Konfidi, we know the true value of service. That is why we already are the trusted partner for many diamond manufacturers operating the Quazer I or II. Don’t let this EOL announcement affect your production and join this community today by getting in touch and learn what solutions we can offer!
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A Quadrillion Tons of Diamonds Lurk Deep Inside Earth

Tuesday, 07/31/2018

Let’s make a deal… if you pick a shovel, I will provide you with the best possible lasers and setting stations! Luckily, you do not need such an overwhelming amount of diamond to have an optimized production. The Trip’Ex Green laser in combination with the Trip’Ex Glue setting station not only saves on employee cost, it also eliminates operator errors or weight shifting during cutting!
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