Peace of mind

Acts like a life time warranty.

We understand as no other the uncertain and difficult situation a company undergoes when troubles arises. Therefor Konfidi enrolled a peace of mind service contract that not only covers all possible expenses, but also takes preventive measures every six months to avoid any possible standstill

Customers also take advantage of an unique laser swap philosophy.
When your laser needs to be serviced, we ship a new laser out, ………..

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Laser repair

Our laser staff members are extensively trained by our laser supplier, giving us the advantage of repairing any possible damage on our lasers in house. Our cleanroom also meets the supplier’s strict demands, so we are sure that any repair is done in a professional way, ensuring the high quality of our products.


Our ISO 6 cleanroom can be rented by any company that is in need of a room but does not have a room available. Please contact us for more information.

Customized development

Our team has a passion for automation and we are thrilled to help customers whenever possible. If you have a problem you want to solve in house or a specific feature you want to implement, our team can assist you when needed. 

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