Trip'ex Green

Faster than light


a laser room where air from outside is extracted, filtered, and puts your laser room in pressure, resulting in an ideal environment with almost no dust.

Imagine the same room, where several filters clean the pressurized air from water, dust and oil, so no lenses can be contaminated in absence of high quality air.

And this same room has a correct installed laser machine dust extraction, so remaining graphite does not affect cutting quality
Let me guess, you do not have such room… well, you do not need it anymore as our laser machines incorporates many smart solutions that overcome these needs.

Meet the new standard

+ Low purchase cost - you purchase only what you need

+ Less expenses in setting up the laser room

+ Less installation trouble

+ Less transport and clearance costs

+ No people needs to be trained on maintenance

+ All maintenance and repair expenses are covered under the peace of mind service policy

+ Power monitoring

+ All maintenance covered with a maintenance visit


Quality never comes cheap, except when Trip’Ex is the brand!
Because we are 100% convinced of our quality, we only offer
our products with a life time warranty covered under our
peace of mind service policy. It even includes a discount when
your machines remains in a perfect shape, ensuring a risk-free

Key benefits

+ Minimal breakage

+ Single and double side sawing comes as the basic configuration, shaping and pie sawing as an option

+ Automatic power calibration prior cutting, so you are 100% sure that the exact power is applied.

+ Continuous power monitoring during stone execution

+ Patara II laser source

+ 3 premium high quality bosch rexroth stages

+ Low weight loss due to green laser and double-sided sawing cassette

+ Smooth cutting surface

+ Tools for 2 side sawing or shaping are available

+ Free software updates

Work smarter

Do you want to avoid programming errors or increase production? Check out Trip’Ex Program, and start working smart today!

+ No machine standstill for job programming

+ No accumulation of temperature expansion offsets, thanks to the reference point

+ No human programming errors possible, thanks to serial number recognition and auto focusing.


+ low purchase risk

+ European quality

+ Premium quality

+ Best possible price

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