Trip'Ex Glue

Ultimate Precision

Konfidi sets the new standard for gluing stones on dedicated holders

No more hassle with manual setting of stones! Trip’Ex glue contains a semi-automatic gluing process that levels and positions the diamond precisely on your holder, ensuring a smooth processing under any laser!

The Trip’Ex glue is highly customizable, ensuring perfect results over a wide range of sizes. Not only the telecentric view can be modified, we also offer options for automatic glue collection and door operation as well as gluing stones for laser shaping.

Works with any laser and any custom holder!

Meet the new standard

+ Low purchase cost - you purchase only what you need

+ Fast gluing of stones, with no danger in shifting of stones over time

+ Less transport and clearance costs

+ No people needs to be trained on maintenance

+ All maintenance and repair expenses are covered under the peace of mind contract

Key benefits

+ Setting station can be used in combination with any laser machine

+ Can be upgraded to Trip’Ex Program to increase productivity.

+ Stones are glued via UV glue

+ The only software that speaks your language.

+ Free software updates

+ Prepare your stones for laser cutting in 30 seconds.

+ 12 to 16 micron per pixel

+ Can be used for stones up to 40mm

+ Pins are modified to the necessary diameter

Available upgrades

+ Automatic door operation

+ automatically puts glue on the pin

+ gluing stones for shaping option

+ measure the diamond dimensions and transfer that data to the laser machine

Work smarter: Trip’Ex Glue Program

Do you want to avoid programming errors or increase production? Check out our Trip'Ex Program!


+ low purchase risk

+ European quality

+ Premium quality

+ Best possible price

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